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“Coffee must be black as the devil
as hot as hell, as pure as an angel and as sweet
as love.”

Immerse yourself in the world
of coffee.

A product for all the senses.

The world of coffee is diverse, complex and always allows you to discover something new. Coffee is grown in over 80 countries. Over 100 million people are involved in the cultivation, processing and trade of coffee. Most of these people live in production areas 20 degrees north and south of the equator. Of the 149 million bags of green coffee produced annually, 72500 tons are consumed in Switzerland. The means that an average of just under 8 kg of coffee is enjoyed per capita in Switzerland.
For perfect coffee enjoyment, not only high-quality green coffee is needed, but also a gentle roasting process for refining the beans. We therefore prefer coffee beans that are roasted in the classic drum roasting process in 15 to 20 minutes. In the last step, great importance must be attached to the packaging and storage of the freshly roasted coffee to ensure the best quality in the cup.

House Brand

Only green coffee of the highest quality is used for our house brand. The fine beans are slowly and gently roasted in a drum roasting process and blended into blends or packaged as singles.

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Dä Kafimaa Bohnen
Capo 500g

Dä Kafimaa Bohnen Brasil
Black Diamond 500g

Dä Kafimaa Bohnen
Lolista 500g

Passalacqua Bohnen
Harem 500g

La Tazza d’Oro Bohnen

Tre Forze Bohnen
Espresso kg

Gusto Italiano

Enjoying coffee like in Italy. A wish we share and that's why we import coffee roasted in Italy from selected partners. We work with roasters from north to south. With us you will discover the taste of Milano, Tuscany, Napoli and Sicily.

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Coffee from

There are over 100 roasteries in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Each roastery with its philosophy and values will let you experience coffee as a product from a different side. At Kafimaa you will find a small but fine, regularly changing selection of coffees from our roaster friends.

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Demmel Bohnen
Santiago kg BIO

Rast Bohnen
Milano 500g

Jlly Bohnen
Gourmet Napoli 500g UTZ

Dä Kafimaa Bohnen
Zamoyo 500g BIO

BLUM Kaffee Bohnen

Tropical Mountains Bohnen
Peru MAFIOSO 500g Bio

Coffee with

Sustainability and transparency are becoming increasingly important in coffee. Labeled coffees are a guide and can help you choose your coffee. In addition to the labels, there are more and more coffees where the way from the producer to us is directly traceable.

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Fruit notes
in coffee

Fruity coffee beans are the first choice for modern interpreted espresso, filter coffee and cold brew. They are created by a number of factors, including variety, soil conditions in the growing country and post-harvest processing. A fruity coffee is also created by lower temperatures and shorter times in the drum roasting process.

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Blossom Coffee Bohnen
Kenia Mugaya 250g

Jlly Bohnen Äthiopien
Desita Limu 500g UTZ

BLUM Kaffee Bohnen
250g Fairtrade


Coffee Facts


A long coffee from the espresso machine? The answer is a second grinder or Caffè Americano.

Coffee Facts


Replace brew head gasket on the portafilter machine. Instructions for the E61 brew group.

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