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Replace brew head gasket on the portafilter machine. Instructions for the E61 brew group.

If you have a portafilter with an E61 brew group, it is important that you regularly replace the brew head gasket. The brew head gasket ensures that water does not leak out of the brew head when you brew your coffee. A leaky seal can not only result in your espresso not being of the desired quality, but can also cause water damage to your machine.

In this article I will explain step by step how you can change the brew head gasket on your portafilter machine with E61 brew group yourself.

Step 1: Get cleaning supplies and spare parts
Before you start replacing the brew head gasket, you should make sure you have the right replacement part on hand. In most cases we recommend the 8mm version of the E61 group head gasket. A thickness of 8.5 mm is also suitable for individual machines, especially for devices subject to heavy loads. It is advisable to order the spare part from a specialist dealer or online. As a rule, you do not need any tools for the replacement, apart from a spoon, since the brew head seal on the E61 brew group combined with the shower is just plugged in and is. To clean the group head and the shower, you also need a good degreasing agent, which is suitable for espresso machines.

Step 2: Turn off the machine and let it cool down
Before you start replacing the brew head gasket, you should turn off the portafilter machine and wait for it to cool down. This is important, otherwise you risk getting burned when handling the brew head.

Step 3: Remove shower with seal
Shower and seal on your portafilter machine are usually only removable with a spoon that you can use as a lever. You can place the spoon in the recess on the group head on the right-hand side and pull down the shower including the seal.

Step 4: Remove the old group head gasket
Once you've removed the shower, you can detach the old group head gasket from the shower. If it is heavily used, there is a good chance that it will break into several pieces.

Step 5: Inserting the new group head gasket
Take the new group head gasket and place it on the shower previously cleaned with degreaser. Make sure that the seal sits evenly and that the flat side is facing up when you put it on.

Step 6: Cleaning and Reassembly
Thoroughly clean the group head, then reinstall the shower with the new seal. The rounded side of the seal faces up in the brew head. As soon as you insert the portafilter, the seal is also brought into position.

So, now everything is tight again!
It is important to replace the brew head gasket regularly, because it wears out over time, becomes hard and porous. It is normal that the gasket must be replaced about every six months to ensure optimal sealing of the brew head.

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