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Why is the correct storage of roasted coffee important?

Coffee is an indispensable part of the day for many people, and for coffee connoisseurs, the quality of the coffee is of utmost importance. The correct storage of roasted coffee plays a crucial role. In this article we will look at the perfect storage of roasted coffee and explain why the refrigerator or the icebox are a bad idea.

Roasted coffee is a delicate product. The aromas and essential oils that make coffee taste and smell so wonderful are volatile and can evaporate quickly. Proper storage of roasted coffee helps preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee for longer.
How should roasted coffee be stored?
The ideal storage of roasted coffee should be airtight, dry and cool. Coffee beans should be stored in an airtight container to keep out oxygen, moisture and odors. A vacuum container is a good choice here. Another option is to store them in a sealable bag.
Coffee should be stored dry as moisture can cause mold to form. Cool storage at room temperature (15-25°C) is recommended.
Why is the fridge or freezer a bad idea?
While it may be tempting to store roasted coffee in the fridge or freezer, it's not a good idea. The refrigerator and freezer can cause the coffee to absorb moisture and cause condensation to form on the surfaces. Condensation can make the coffee moist and affect the aroma and taste of the coffee. He ages all the faster. The refrigerator and freezer are also places where strong odors can build up, affecting the flavor of the coffee.

In summary, roast coffee storage plays an important role in in-cup quality. To preserve the freshness and flavor of the coffee, the beans should be protected from light, air, moisture and odors and stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place.
The type of packaging and the amount of coffee that is opened at once can also have an impact on the shelf life and quality of the coffee. By storing it correctly, you can ensure that the coffee retains its full aroma and flavor and thus offers a perfect coffee experience.

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